The B2B Marketing has been massively disrupted, challenged and turned upside down over the last two years. The rules of the game have changed for ever.

It’s not just GDPR that’s impacted B2B marketing. Our B2B buying behaviour has changed the game forever. It’s now a game of reference and attraction not outbound deference.

With a lot of experience in B2B marketing and technology solution selling, it is a fact that most businesses are losing massive amounts of budget and time because of seven critical elements:

  • Focus all marketing and sales effort only on the third buying stage and ignore the first two.
  • Practice outbound sales approaches and forget about inbound marketing approaches.
  • No effective and automated lead nurture flows with content to convince to convert across the three buying stages
  • Poor prospect identification with solutions due to no tangible customer stories and service/application scenarios
  • Not using enough marketing channels and content media forms
  • Poor synergy between marketing, sales and product
  • No strategic integration of communications and campaigns
inbound diagram

Elizabeth Kathryn has worked with B2B and technology businesses to close this huge gaping revenue gap through a process of outbound to inbound transition and integration, getting in place strong inbound approaches, lead nurturing program workflows and implementing inbound platforms such as HubSpot.

In today’s new B2B market environment it’s not just about lead acquisition, it’s about migrating and securing marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to sales qualified leads (SLQs) through customer valued, quality and tailored content creation that convinces to convert.

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