B2B Predicative Analytics for Marketing Transformation

The Need For Smarter Marketing and Sales Intelligence

As a Cyance Partner, we give our clients access to the unrivalled Nexus Platform to tap into the most powerful way to attain fast growth through simply knowing what your customers and prospects are thinking, reading and where they are up to in the buying cycle.

As the only Predicative Analytics platform built to deliver for UK B2B sales and marketing, Nexus has the unrivalled ability to not only build you accurate predictive models to pin point the right businesses looking to buy your products but importantly, the essential insights to create the right content, with the right messages and answers your customers and prospects are looking for.

Cyance’s Nexus Platform has been the secret to success for many tech businesses and Agencies delivering award winning campaigns and exceeding their campaign and revenue targets.

If it’s a high value IT/Tech/Software lead and sales pipeline you are building, maybe Nexus from Cyance can help you?

Now There’s a Smarter & Better Way Forward

As an essential part of successful accounts based marketing, content strategy and sales and marketing alignment, forward thinking tech and software businesses who are ambitious for fast growth are harnessing the Nexus B2B Predicative Analytics platform and working with Elizabeth Kathryn to stay a step ahead of the competition and win high value sales through a smarter and better way to target their sales and marketing.

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Powerful predictive models

Build your predictive audience segments:

  • Nexus ranks your customers’ and prospects’ behaviour according to their likely interest and assigns them with a score
  • With algorithms incorporating up to 50 different data signals from 30 data sources, highly powerful predictive models are created
  • These predictive segments can then be used to fuel highly effective and attributable marketing campaigns

Constant analysis using machine learning

Analyse key trends and behaviours

  • Continuously analyse buying trends and visualise the results to help drive your campaigns
  • Create a virtuous cycle to maximise your return on investment – feed the outcomes from your campaigns back into Nexus to harness the full power of its predictive models
  • Over time, machine learning will adjust your audience segments and predictive scores according to both positive and negative scores



If you are looking for a new marketing and creative approach you have come to the right place.

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