At the heart of every successful content campaign, lies a story.

A story theme built to move emotion, strike a cord, attract identification and provide valuable information on a hot topic for you to take ownership of.

Putting your customer’s needs, desires and pain points at the heart of everything you do creates the attraction, engagement and willingness to hear your story in a very crowded market place.

Integrated inbound  and outbound marketing campaigns that successfully deliver leads and drive brands, span every part of the marketing mix, product and sales effort. Working within financial Quarters and accommodating business objectives and KPI’s, your “Story” forms the critical, coherent and consistent foundation to stop ad-hoc marketing and propel the Quarterly Campaign Plan.

Not only is there an integrated marketing plan centred on your customer’s mindset but you maximise budget and HR time. And your sales teams will love having a new story to kick-start their conversations. It’s a Win-Win.

From campaign brainstorming, planning through to execution Elizabeth Kathryn can work with you and your teams to deliver the results you need.

  • Content Creation
  • Social
  • Email and Direct Mail
  • Events
  • E-Debates and Webinars
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Marketing Data Analytics

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How are you going to distribute and use every element of your campaign for more impact and increased ROI?

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