Protecting your B2B marketing investment and getting your marketing right is vital.

With so many marketing possibilities, potential focuses and different ideas for the marketing approach, the best starting point is a B2B marketing workshop to collaboratively brain storm all aspects of your business and marketing effort.

Elizabeth Kathryn runs interactive full-day workshops for your executive, marketing, product and sales teams. Starting with a blank sheet of paper the sessions get the best marketing plan for you, brings together the best ideas within your business and critical buy in from those that matter.


  • Where do we want to be and how are we going to get there?
  • What’s working and what’s not?
  • Where are we losing opportunities and where can we make them?
  • How can we differentiate to make a difference?
  • Where’s our “Sweet Spot”?
  • How can we stake our claim and lead our market?


  • What’s our best story to engage and convince to convert?
  • What motivates and triggers our B2B buyers emotionally and rationally?
  • What are our customers thinking, asking and reviewing?
  • How many ways can we use and spin e-guides, video, blogs and more?


  • Story themes for key products and user applications
  • What’s tactical, what’s strategic….and what’s realistic?
  • What scenarios and sector applications could we create?
  • Are there ways to increase revenue through product line development?
  • Could we introduce new entry point products for new business acquisition?
  • How can we offer more product value at minimal cost?


  • What’s producing and what’s not?
  • What marketing channels are best?
  • How could we improve what we are doing?
  • What’s the budget?

How will your Marketing Workshop look?

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